Security and Fire resistant doors

In our project showrooms, we design security and fire resistant doors, which we produce, deliver and install on the markets of Croatia and the entire European Union.

Our Showrooms are open. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to advise you and find the best option for you.

+385 1 3896 722

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Made in Croatia | Free accessories

Create and order a new front door – Web Shop online purchase

Web Shop – Create and order online – Free accessories
Take advantage of the online purchase of new security doors, with FREE accessories. As a part of our user-friendly website, you can find our Web Shop with the options of different paneling and fittings and an additional online form through which you can create yourself and order your new front door without any restrictions.

Technical instructions
By combining Web Shop and Technical instructions, you can enrich your knowledge and order your new doors from the comfort of your own home.
For all the necessary consultations, online surveys and technical support when ordering online, our sales team is at your disposal via +385 1 3896 722.

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The industrial design of security doors is made of ALU perforated or laser-cut sheets, which are plasticized in RAL colours according to the customer’s wishes.

The combination of two layers of ALU sheets is for fans of true robustness of industrial design, while the combination of ALU and MDF is more of a SOFT variant of industrial design.

The appearance of the door can be single-sided industrial (the other side is made with a classic MDF or ALU paneling) or double-sided industrial, depending on whether the doors are intended for a house, apartment or office space.

If desired, the fittings are plasticized (handle, knob, handrail…) in an increasingly modern black color.

You can see the Industrial Design Security Doors at the following link.

Custom made ART security doors

The stylistic features of Art Ceramic panels will enable the achievement of an exceptional aesthetic result, at the same time marked by timeless elegance and extreme functionality and durability. Due to their exceptional durability and elegance, they are used in interiors and exteriors.

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