26. November 2020.


Creative creation of a new product

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The state of the market is in constant motion and requires constant fine-tuning. Insight into a lack on the market creates a creative need to fill that lack, the newly created space. By filling open space, we unknowingly create new spaces that someone will fill in the future.
HLM Center was also created by looking into the open space, and for the thirteenth business year in a row, we have been creating positive business experiences with all of you.
With the opening, the HLM Center becomes our focus within which we are looking for new spaces that need to be filled with a new procedure, technical solution, action.

We want to provide you with the best possible experience, refresh your day, and delight you professionally, because that’s what’s in us, that’s what makes us happy.

Wide range of activities
The challenge is to describe our development process, how much effort, research, work and creation that we can serve you today, at this level, and these processes are still ongoing.
We always strive for better and new heights constantly attract us, encourage action, innovation.

Made in Croatia
As a manufacturer of security and fire resistant doors, we want to provide you with maximum security with a design that will fit perfectly into your space.
We are in a constant creative innovative phase, keeping in mind the quality, design and reasonable prices.

Take a look at our products which, together with everything we do, create a unique and enjoyable experience.

Support us in our work, visit our Instagram or Facebook page where you can see selected models of built-in security and fire resistant doors.


Enjoy 🙂


PHOTO gallery of our built-in security doors can be viewed here.

Take a look at our offer:
MDF security doors for apartments
Creative PRINT security doors
Fire resistant doors for apartments
ALU security doors for houses (weatherproof)
Industrial Design security doors


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