2. December 2020.

ALU THERMO profiles

Thermal insulation of steel door stem

ALU THERMO profiles – broken thermal bridge
Thermal insulation of security doors exposed to external influences is a challenge for all EU manufacturers. How, in addition to the security provided by steel security doors, to provide the necessary thermal insulation? The increasingly widespread style of entrances to apartments and houses without thermal and microclimatic anteroom, requires better thermal insulation of entrance doors.

New product
In HLM center, we presented a new product, an innovation in the field of thermal insulation of security doors in the form of ALU Thermo profiles (shells) for thermal insulation of external and internal parts of steel bars of security doors.

Additional thermal insulation
In addition to the current standard thermal insulation of steel door stems with facade styrofoam, reinforced thermal insulation with ALU Thermo profiles is also available, with which the steel parts of the chassis are additionally covered with thermal insulation.

ALU Thermo profiles, installed in the production process of the security doors, are available to all our customers at a promotional price of 515.00 kn from December 2020.

They are available in standard chassis colours (black and white) and industrially plasticized in different RAL colours.

A total of 6 different ALU Thermo profiles are available, which cover our entire product range, from single-leaf security doors to versions with sidelight and overhead fanlights.

Made in Croatia
As a manufacturer of security and fire resistant doors, we want to provide you with maximum security with a design that will fit perfectly into your space.
We are in a constant creative innovative phase, keeping in mind the quality, design and reasonable prices.

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