Security doors – generally


H.L.M. Center is a manufacturer of security and fire resistant doors

Security and fire resistant doors are made in cooperation with Metal System from Greece.
Metal System, which we represent for Croatia and Slovenia, is a manufacturer of steel chassis for the production of security and fire resistant doors in which Securemme locks and fittings are installed. Together, we are intensively working on increasing our presence in EU countries.

We have the opportunity to offer quality cooperation and fast delivery of security and fire resistant doors made to your liking, within 5-7 days (fire resistant within 30 days), throughout the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and EU countries, at a competitive price.

We are specialized in the production of custom-made security, safety and fire resistant doors, as well as for serial production and installation of doors in new buildings.

Great number of DECO paneling and dimensions, same price for different dimensions of single-winged doors

We proud ourselves with the palette of always available large number of different DECO paneling and dimensions, together with simplified work process of introducing the same price for all dimensions of single-winged doors from our assortment.

We also make custom security doors, with a delivery time of 30-40 days, which can be single-winged with side fixers and overhead light or without them, depending on the project.

With the wishes of our customers in our minds, we have models of security and fire resistant doors of various designs in our offer, so we invite you to discover something to your taste and need, at a good price.

We approach each and every client professionally, we will find the best option for your new front door.

MDF security doors for apartments (internal use)

Doors made for apartments (internal use) and are not resistant to external influences. They are sheathed with MDF panels that can be finished with varnish or laminate foils.

ALU security doors for houses (external use)

Doors assembled with internal MDF and external ALU paneling resistant to external influences (weatherproof). These are doors meant for external use on houses.

Security fire resistant doors EI2 30 for apartments / houses

Entrance doors for apartments, installed on new buildings and meet the fire resistance of 30 minutes. They look the same as MDF security doors.

Creative PRINT security doors for internal use

Doors assembled with standard external MDF paneling and with an internal MDF panel to which we apply creative PRINT, durable foils with additional laminated protection. This category allows you to create the appearance of your door yourself. Adding to the design of the doors of your choice, a large number of themes is available, separated by categories.

Industrial design security doors

The industrial design of security doors is made of ALU perforated or laser-cut sheets, which are plasticized in RAL colours according to the customer’s wishes.
The combination of two layers of ALU sheets is for fans of true robustness of industrial design, while the combination of ALU and MDF is more of a SOFT variant of industrial design.
The appearance of the door can be single-sided industrial (the other side is made with a classic MDF or ALU paneling) or double-sided industrial, depending on whether the doors are intended for a house, apartment or office space.
If desired, the fittings are plasticized (handle, knob, handrail…) in an increasingly modern black color.

Digital locks

Digital door locks Yale GATEMAN – the pinnacle of technology and design. Doors from H.L.M. Center equipped with Yale GATEMAN digital locks provide you with security, protection and trust with exceptional ease of use.

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Installation of security and fire resistant doors

If the dimensions of your door opening are different from today’s standard, our installation service will adjust the construction opening of your door on site and the complete installation with adjustment will be completed on the same day.

Depending on the complexity of the installation, the work can last from 4-6 hours in the morning or afternoon, according to your availability.

Our maintenance service is available to you 24/7 by phone +385 1 3896 722.

In case of EMERGENCY installation of security doors due to burglary, we can swiftly organize the production and installation of new security doors.
You can see the photo gallery of the built-in products here.

We can deliver security doors at affordable prices to all cities in Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar, Pula, Rovinj, Poreč, Šibenik, Makarska, Dubrovnik, Vinkovci, Slavonski Brod, Požega, Sisak, Samobor, Karlovac, Varaždin, Čakovec, etc.