H.L.M. Center

H.L.M. Center, founded in 2008, is a Croatian manufacturer of security and fire resistant doors with an emphasis on aesthetics, design and reasonable price.

H.L.M. Center specializes in the production of custom-made security and fire resistant doors, as well as in serial production and installation in new buildings.

Our team approaches every project professionally, whether it is a single door, smaller residential building or large project of 100-200 apartments.

The palette of always available large number of different DECO paneling and dimensions, together with simplified work process of introducing the same price for all dimensions of single-winged doors from our assortment, gives us the opportunity for quality cooperation and fast delivery of security and fire resistant doors made to your liking, within 5-7 days (fire resistant within 30 days), throughout the Republic of Croatia, Slovenia and EU countries, at a competitive price.

We also make custom security doors, with a delivery time of 30-40 days, single-winged with side fixers and overhead light or without them, depending on the project.

Delivery time for larger and container orders is 40 to 80 days, depending on the size of the order.

Shipping from the port of Rijeka (Croatia).

The doors are made in cooperation with Metal System from Greece, a manufacturer of steel chassis for the production of security and fire resistant doors in which Securemme locks and fittings are installed and which we represent for Croatia and Slovenia. Together, we are intensively working on increasing our presence in EU countries and other markets around the world.

We are direct importers and representatives of high quality and modern design products from our program and we are constantly working on the development of new products and improvement of existing ones.

Our showroom in Zagreb, together with our distributors in Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Germany, provides you with a large selection of security, safety and fire resistant entrance doors, accessories, digital and biometric locks and digital door viewers. These products are available to retail and wholesale customers.

Why choose us?

Ask us whatever interests you about our products. Our staff will be happy to meet with you and advise you. Assure yourself of the safety and liability of our products and services.

  1. The trust

    The trust gained from our previous customers has built the H.L.M. Center into a recognizable Croatian company and brand. Speed, professionalism and care for our customers are embedded in the work of our employees.

  2. Safety

    The security and safety of our customers is extremely important to us. We are available 24/7 via phone support for which it is necessary to select zero when calling after working hours.

  3. Quality

    Raising the quality and competitiveness of products is our constant interest here in H.L.M. Center. A quality and comfortable working environment is equally important to us for our customers and our employees.

Our vision

H.L.M. Center nurtures a long tradition of a professional, cordial and passionate approach to work.

We gather professionals in our team who love to work and enjoy it, to the satisfaction of us and our clients.

We are grateful for each of our customers as well as for the new friendships that often begin in our showroom during the presentation of our products.

Our showroom is tailored to your needs, so that you can, in a pleasant atmosphere, find the best solution for your situation, thinking about all your needs: parking, children’s corner, your pets, a relaxing terrace for a break.

We would like to specially thank all of you who, by choosing us as your best partner, participated in the establishment of H.L.M. Center, regardless of whether it was a one-off purchase or you profiled yourself as our regular customer. We remember you all, as you remember us, and we look forward to your every success and new decision to boldly step forward through life.

Come and relax, we will advise you and help you choose the best option for you entrance doors.