H.L.M. Center Ltd. has an exceptional cooperation with Metal System from Thessaloniki, Greece, a manufacturer of steel chassis for the production of security and fire resistant doors, which we represent in Croatia and Slovenia. Together, we are working intensively to increase our presence in EU countries and other markets around the world. We share a common passion for work and the creation of new products, and we are especially pleased that in addition to such quality business cooperation, we have a wonderful friendly relationship and look forward to every meeting together. The result of such cooperation is visible in the price, quality and design of our products, the development of which we are constantly working on, in order to be available on the market with the most affordable prices.


The famous Italian factory of anti-burglary systems which are being installed in our security doors. On their website, you can learn more about the technology of anti-burglary systems used by a large number of world manufacturers of security doors.


Yale GATEMAN digital locks – the pinnacle of technology and design. Doors from H.L.M. Center equipped with Yale GATEMAN digital locks will provide you with security, protection and trust with exceptional ease of use. Yale is one of the world’s oldest brands and probably the most famous name in the field of locking solutions. The history of the Yale brand records great innovations that have marked the evolution not only of Yale, but also of the entire locking solutions industry.


From its very beginning, H.L.M. Center has been closely cooperating with Quehenberger Logistic, an international logistics partner, the company that manages our warehouse at the Jankomir Customs Office and delivers our products throughout Croatia and the EU. As a result of our many years of professional and, above all, extremely close human cooperation, Quehenberger has developed special delivery conditions for our products for our distributors in order to improve their position in the market, both through lower delivery costs and through secure reliance on each other in our quality partnership.