2. February 2018.

A prize game!

A prize game in which every customer wins!

Following and creating new business trends is visible in our work so far.

Creating a new product, service and/or marketing campaign for the benefit and joy of our customers is a great pleasure for us .

We have prepared a special surprise for you, so that our BRAND and innovative business story blended perfectly with the product, which also goes beyond the seen frames, and with its appearance and branding capabilities makes everyone happy, both us and our customers.

The use of modern technologies allows you to spread knowledge and to enjoy the sound content that suits you perfectly.

Today you can enjoy a book, lecture, learning a foreign language, music … while exercising, traveling, or any other activity with a wireless bluetooth headset.

With all the present smartphones, with this add-on all this is available to you.

At HLM Center, we have decided to give you the opportunity to enjoy this pleasure, hence with every purchase of our security door in retail, you get branded bluetooth headphones available in black or white.

The only condition is that you accompany your purchase with the required Facebook activities, visible in the lower part of the text.

Also, you can participate in the prize game without buying – one headset is reserved for one of you who meets the conditions below until 20.02.2018.


  1. Like the HLM Center Security Doors if you haven’t already
  2. Tag two friends
  3. Share facebook post – settings to public

Good luck everyone, we wish you a perfectly spent free time.

Your HLM Center