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ALU THERMO profiles

Thermal insulation of steel door stem ALU THERMO profiles – broken thermal bridge Thermal insulation of security doors exposed to external influences is a challenge for all EU manufacturers. How, in addition to the security provided by steel security doors, to provide the necessary thermal insulation? The increasingly widespread style of entrances to apartments and […]



Creative creation of a new product Provide more The state of the market is in constant motion and requires constant fine-tuning. Insight into a lack on the market creates a creative need to fill that lack, the newly created space. By filling open space, we unknowingly create new spaces that someone will fill in the […]


Anthracite paneling for security doors

Anthracite decors for MDF and ALU panels Anthracite panel decors for security and fire resistant doors are increasingly present in interior and exterior decoration. By carefully combining the colours of the walls and the facade, the desired aesthetic is achieved, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The most common contrasting approach are colour combinations with accent […]


PRINT paneling for security doors

Decors without limits Large format printing is becoming more and more widespread and is used in interior design as a wall decoration, a decorative base for kitchens and bathrooms with glass instead of ceramics. In HLM Center, alongside a large selection of MDF and ALU paneling for security doors, you can order a product with […]


Concrete decor paneling

Ubiquitous material as a finishing decor Concrete decor When decorating the interior, different materials are used to achieve a modern, increasingly widespread, industrial design of residential and commercial premises. Brick, metal, wood, stone, textiles are complemented by the use of finishing concrete decors. Concrete decor is becoming increasingly popular with floors and walls, and provides […]


Perforated ALU paneling for security and fire resistant doors

Security and fire resistant doors for modern interior design ALU perforated paneling Increasingly modern Industrial design in interiors requires also a front door that matches the style surrounding decor. Perforated ALU panels are plasticized according to RAL and installed on security and fire resistant doors. The design of the perforation itself needs to be adapted […]


HLM Center Showrooms – Open!

  Visit us in our Showrooms Showrooms are open In consideration with difficult working conditions due to the pandemic, our Showrooms are open in compliance with safety measures against COVID-19. You can visit us in our Showroom in Špansko and in the Showroom within our production building in Stenjevec. Delivery deadlines All our security doors […]


Aesthetics of paneling for security entrance doors

  Security and fire resistant doors – the aesthetics of paneling and space Aesthetics of the paneling By carefully choosing the decor of the paneling for security and fire resistant doors, you can significantly influence the atmosphere of the interior and exterior. When choosing an exterior panel, you influence the impression and atmosphere you want […]


Architecture and interior design styles

  Security and fire resistant doors – Architecture and interior design styles Interior design styles Today, security doors are available for all styles of interior and exterior design. The harmonious aesthetics of buildings, houses and apartments also requires a front door that will fit perfectly into the architectural style and round it off into a […]