2. January 2019.

Fire resistant doors for apartments


We produce tailor made fire resistant doors for apartments in design according to customers wishes.

Fire resistant doors differ from security ones in the design of the chassis, i.e. the metal core, which is somewhat different in its construction and is filled not only with stone wool but also with fire resistant gypsum board.

It is legally prescribed that all doors that are being installed in new buildings must be fire resistant.

As there are different degrees of fire resistance, you can find the fire resistance class required for your facility in your project documentation (EI30, EI60 or EI90 minutes).

Regardless of fire resistance, our fire resistant doors are not deprived of design. On the contrary, since they are intended for installation in apartments, we can produce doors that will satisfy the necessary aesthetics of even the most demanding customers.

All available decorative panels for security doors can also be used for your new fire resistant doors, with classic paneling, DECO designed lacquered paneling, Industrial design ALU paneling and/or creative PRINT paneling.

Below you can see our entire offer of security and fire resistant doors.

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