16. June 2018.

Installation of fire resistant security doors!


Installation of fire resistant doors
New Builds

The installation of a large number of fire resistant doors on newly built buildings requires serious logistical preparation and a strong installation team.
With quality preparation and a well-established installation team consisting of about 10 installers, even the most demanding housing complexes, with a large number of apartments (100-300 units), can be mastered in a short time.

Safety on construction sites
It is extremely important to comply with all safety regulations and protective equipment on construction sites.
Working on a large residential construction site is completely different from adapting an apartment where injuries are also possible (if protective equipment is not used), but there is less effort and a much smaller number of events are present. On large construction sites, a large number of craftsmen are present who perform various work processes, which also increases the number of hazards on the construction site.

Large construction site – a big challenge
As we love our job, at HLM Center we look forward to big projects and approach them with maximum attention.
Given all the deadlines present, which put considerable pressure on our clients, we try to be of maximum help. We are especially happy when, with our effort and knowledge, we complete a large project ahead of schedule and reduce the pressure on our partner, the client.
In such field work, our team spirit comes to the fore, which creates a great working atmosphere.

Fire resistant doors – standards
When choosing a fire resistant door, the fire safety of the product must be harmonized with the project documentation, depending on whether you are looking for EI2 30, EI2 30 C, EI2 30 C SM or EI2 60, 90 …
The numerical designation after EI2 indicates the minutes of fire resistance, C indicates the return mechanism (door pump) and SM smoke tightness.

Next construction site
We are looking forward to our next construction site, in which we will invest all the experience and knowledge gained so far.
We leave each construction site upgraded with new experience and knowledge, which build us additionally professionally.

Meet us
Visit our showroom and production building to get to know each other and to be presented with our products and accessories that are installed in our fire resistant security doors. We will help you find the best solution for your apartment building. We produce all of our security and fire resistant doors from steel chassis and decoratively clad them with MDF and ALU paneling. They could be additionally enriched with already available digital technologies. This gives the opportunity for everyone to find a product at an affordable price and high quality.

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