Digital lock – Yale YDM 4109 + biometrics

Digital lock - Yale YDM 4109 + biometrics
Code: Yale YDR 4109 + biometrija

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Yale GATEMAN digital lock YDR 4109 is a top biometric lock that can be opened with a fingerprint or entering a code. It is an ideal solution for your home or business. It is a basic lock that ensures maximum security. The device uses 4 AA batteries, enough for 4.000 cycles which is, on average, about 1 year of use. Delivery period: 3-5 days.

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Model: Yale YDM 4109 + biometrics

Yale GATEMAN digital biometric lock YDM 4109 represents the pinnacle of technology and design in the world of digital locks. The product is the ideal solution for your home or office. This model can be installed on new doors or completely replace an existing locking system. There are 3 basic ways to lock / unlock – by scanning a fingerprint, entering a PIN number or using a classic key. The product ensures maximum security for your family and property with exceptional ease of use.

Technical details:

  • Number of prints that can be programmed: 20
  • Pin number: 6-12 digits
  • Colour: Black
  • Outdoor unit dimensions:
    28.5mm X 68.6mm X 320.7mm
  • Maximum door thickness: suitable for 40-80mm metal, plastic or wooden doors

The device has a 2 year warranty.

Basic features:

  • Fingerprint reader
  • Touch screen technology
    to enter the PIN
  • Voice instructions for the user
    (in English)
  • Alarm in case of burglary / improperly closed doors / damage to the device
  • Automatic locking
  • Resistance to electrical discharges
  • Thermal sensor – alarm in case of fire
  • Possibility of installing a remote control (optional)
  • Possibility to use a “classic key”

Delivery period: 3-5 days

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