18. March 2020.

Aesthetics of paneling for security entrance doors


Security and fire resistant doors – the aesthetics of paneling and space

Aesthetics of the paneling
By carefully choosing the decor of the paneling for security and fire resistant doors, you can significantly influence the atmosphere of the interior and exterior.
When choosing an exterior panel, you influence the impression and atmosphere you want to achieve when coming to your private or business premises on a daily basis.
When choosing an interior panel for your new front door, you need to take into account the amount of natural light and the style of the interior itself in order to enjoy the positively charged and aesthetically coordinated space of the entrance to the apartment. By resorting to bright decor paneling on the inside (usually white panels) you will open up the space, hence the impact on the atmosphere of the entrance space to the apartment is extremely positive.

Consistency of the stone doorstep with the decor of the outer paneling
It is essential to match the colour of exterior stone doorstep with the colour of exterior panel of the front door to enhance the overall impression of the door. Most often, the colour of the stone decor and the colour of the outer panel are matched, which then together provides a framed unity. An attempt to align a new stone doorstep with the exterior floor is often not possible due to the age and oxidation of the existing exterior floor and the colour of the new stone doorstep.

Decor and colour of the exterior and interior walls
Creative decoration of the exterior and interior walls enhances the look of your door and your property, pleasing the eye.

Take a look at the models of our front doors which can help create a comfortable and aesthetically harmonized space.

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