3. December 2018.

Digital Ready Security doors


Digital Ready Security doors
Standard available at HLM Center

Digitalization of entrance doors
Digital opening of entrance doors for houses and apartments is a growing trend, it facilitates everyday life and raises the security of housing.
In HLM center, we have been installing various models of digital locks in our products for 10 years, and we have noticed the need to introduce the Digital Ready standard, which you can order when buying your new security and fire resistant door.

Think ahead
Most of us are thinking about advanced door opening technologies but at the moment there may not be a product on the market that suits you perfectly.
There is a high probability that such a product, that will click perfectly, will appear on the market soon. Digital Ready standard helps you there, your security door is ready for digitalization.

Development of digital entrance door control
An increasing number of global companies (Yale, Samsung …), and a mass of smaller innovative companies, have joined the race for digitalization of front doors and development of SMART HOME system, so in the coming period we can expect accelerated development and increased number of products on the market which will use all available technologies (internet, smartphone, wireless …) to digitize front doors and complete living spaces.
By introducing the Digital Ready standard for security doors, HLM Center prepares its customers for the digitalization that lies ahead.

Introduction of Digital Ready standards
In the future, all doors in HLM Center will be manufactured with Digital Ready standard. At the moment, it is an additional option, which you can pay for now and ensure easy implementation of new available digital technologies and technologies that will appear in the future.

Digital Ready standard
Security doors manufactured in Digital Ready standard are manufactured with CNC locksmith preparation of the chassis, which allows you to install an electric lock on the door without locksmith finishing.

Two options are available, Digital Ready standard (without electric lock – 400,00 kn) and Digital Full Ready standard (with built-in electric lock – 800,00 kn).
You can easily connect such a door to all available digital systems and access controls.

We wish you a successful digitalization of your front door.

Meet us
Visit our showroom and production building to get to know each other and to be presented with our products and accessories that are installed in our security doors. We will help you find the best solution for your new front door. We produce all of our security and fire resistant doors from steel chassis and decoratively clad them with MDF and ALU paneling. They could be additionally enriched with already available digital technologies. This gives the opportunity for everyone to find a product at an affordable price and high quality.

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