7. February 2018.

NEW Securemme cylinder K22


NEW Securemme cylinder K22
For even safer housing

Anti-snap, anti-bumping, anti-picking, anti-drilling
In the production of safety, security doors, the overall safety of the product is affected by each of its parts.
The cylinder lock is the part of the security door that is most often the subject of attacks, so for this reason all manufacturers of security doors protect the cylinder as much as possible with protectors.

Lock actuator
As the cylinder actuates the central security lock, it is important what the security level of the cylinder is, especially in cases where an attacker reaches it.
A cylinder with protection against drilling, breaking, combing … will repel even the most persistent attackers.

New product
Securemme K22 anti-burglary cylinder is the latest product from Securemme workshop, which provides multiple protection, and since it has a new patented profile, security doors with built-in K22 cylinder can be considered significantly safer than security doors with lower security level cylinder.

Higher security level
There is no absolute security, and it is possible to break into the most protected area, but by installing the safest possible products, your apartment and security doors achieve a higher level of security, and you can sleep more peacefully.

The promotion of the new Securemme K22 cylinder is underway, which is available for our customers of security doors at a surcharge of 427,50 kn during the promotion.
The regular price of the K22 cylinder is 570,00 kn.

Visit our showroom and production building to get to know each other and to be presented with our products and accessories that are installed in our security doors. We will help you find the best solution for your new front door.

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