2. January 2019.

Photo gallery

Take a look at a photo gallery of our built-in security and fire resistant doors. Assure yourself of the quality of workmanship and installation.
If you would like to install a door on your house or apartment that will beautify the look of your home, provide security of living, better sound and heat insulation, you are in the right place.
We produce custom security doors for houses, with external ALU and internal MDF paneling in modern design.
The outer ALU paneling provides the perfect look for your front door and resistance to external influences, while the inner MDF panel, depending on the finish (lacquered or foil-treated), gives you a soft, warm door look on the inside.

Our security doors for apartments are assembled with MDF and/or ALU paneling, which are available in a large number of wood decors, designs with incised lines, PRINT and RETRO designs. We also produce Industrial design security doors for houses and apartments which you can also find in the photo gallery.

A large selection of hardware accessories, stainless steel handrails and digital locks are available for even safer living. On larger buildings and buildings with more apartments, we install electrical receivers in the doors, which are connected to intercom systems and access controls. A large number of our customers enjoy our products so why not choose a new front door for your house or apartment, at a good, affordable price.

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