1. January 2019.

We’re turning apartments into Fortresses!


Would you like your apartment to become safe?
You are in the right place!

Safety, aesthetics and quality of housing are our passion.
The production of safe, eye-pleasing, well-soundproof and thermally insulated security doors is our constant occupation.
The love and passion for the work we do has resulted in a wide range of security doors and a large number of customers to whom we have had the opportunity to manufacture and install our security doors.

Aesthetes by nature
The aesthetics within us pushes us further and further every day, so today everyone can find something to their taste and at an affordable price.
We are adorned with great experience, a wide range of products and technical strength which gives us the necessary market speed in all segments of work.

HLM Showroom in Zagreb
We love our business, our little oasis in Špansko, which exudes supernatural peace in a busy city. There we rejoiced, worked and created with many of our colleagues and clients.
In our pleasant Showroom, a customer has its true value so a direct contact with our customers is a great pleasure. You constantly surprise us with your appearance, new project and readiness to joke, and we like to joke, because with a joke, life is more beautiful, more pleasant, more natural ….

We are equally expert, professional and the work we do makes us happy, we love the dynamics of our work and each customer, each door carries its own story that leaves a deep impression on us. We look forward to putting a smile on your sometimes tired faces because we know what all you have to deal with and we fully understand it. Standard life obligations plus a renovation or a completely new construction, unwanted guests in the apartment, only for a few it goes smoothly.

So don’t worry, it’s hard to put a problem we haven’t already solved in front of us and we are always ready for new challenges, and emergency interventions.

HLM Workshop
Unlike the Showroom, the workshop emites industrialism and shows our true greatness. Large stock of repro materials and fast work processes show our competitiveness and market strength.

Business ethics and market strategy
Our real dimension is visible only to those who have been working with us for a long time, and have had the opportunity to see what drives us, and what we are made of, what our blood cells are, and know how we work, where we go and that they can count on us.

Persistence in the market
As we celebrated the 10th business anniversary, a lot has accumulated, from beautiful clients and job satisfaction, to a few landmines from which we have learned a lot. We are grateful for every situation and problem we find ourselves in, because now we are richer in life and business, more professional and more ready for new challenges.

Meet us
Visit our showroom to get to know each other and to be presented with our products and accessories that are installed in our security doors. We will help you find the best solution for your new front door, which we produce from steel chassis of different security levels and price ranges, and decoratively clad with MDF and ALU paneling. This gives the opportunity for everyone to find a product at an affordable price and high quality.

Take a look at our offer:
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